Offre conjointe d'instructions de travail multilingues basées sur le contexte -

Offre conjointe d’instructions de travail multilingues basées sur le contexte

Published: novembre 21, 2022

24Flow and today announce the launch of their joint offering for context-based, multilingual work instructions, offering manufacturing companies and their operators an easy way to create, adapt and consult digital work instructions. is a SaaS platform that manages the entire lifecycle of multilingual work instructions. Compared to traditional PDFs, it not only speeds up the content creation process, but combines videos with text, making the content immediately applicable in practice, while allowing it to be easily provided in multiple languages. The latter is crucial for multinational companies operating across the globe, but also increasingly important for smaller companies due to the increasingly diverse background of staff.

24Flow s a modular cloud-based operational platform for discrete manufacturing companies. 24Flow offers a suite of low-code applications that enable manufacturers to gain real-time visibility and increase efficiency on the shop floor to achieve better lead times and higher delivery reliability. 24Flow is a digital enabler for an enterprise-wide growth strategy where these shorter lead times provide a competitive advantage in a rapidly changing environment.

The combined offering of and 24Flow automatically shows operators the right digital work instructions at the right time. Contextualisation of work instructions saves time, prevents errors and increases overall efficiency.

For example, if a machine reports an error code, 24Flow records the event and 24Flow can immediately show the correct work instruction to the operator to solve the problem, preventing downtime or lost productivity.

Similarly, 24Flow is aware of the production context: it knows the work order, the customer and the action currently being performed by the operator. As a result, it is able to show the right instructions to the operator at the right time, without the operator having to search for them.

 Erik Dierinck , Co-Founder of 24Flow, says: “This integrated offering from and 24Flow meets a real need on the factory floor. Contextualising work instructions is the next step in achieving efficiency, avoiding errors and reducing machine downtime. It is a perfect illustration of 24Flow’s know-how to provide real-time visibility on the shop floor and assist operators with digital tools that deliver concrete value.”

 Jorim Rademaker , CEO of adds “ is a very powerful SaaS platform for digital work instructions. This partnership with 24Flow allows us to be even more responsive to our customers’ needs by adding real-time, context-awareness.”

About : The most valuable thing in any organisation is the knowledge of its employees. is designed to capture that knowledge and make it accessible to any customer or employee, in any language, at any time, without installing an app. is a software company that makes it easy to create, share and read how-to manuals and training courses. was started from simplicity and customer focus, where ease of use and speed are essential.

About 24Flow

24Flow is the operations platform of choice for High Mix Low Volume (HMLV) manufacturing companies looking to reduce lead times and increase delivery reliability. 24Flow’s suite of low-code apps accelerates digitisation, increases visibility and introduces advanced flow control for the shop floor. The solution is powered by a state-of-the-art, secure, scalable low-code platform (Salesforce Lightning platform) that also comes with configurable reporting and workflow technology.

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