Hands-free manuals with Iristick smart glasses

Published: January 18, 2022

Iristick and announced their partnership today, to better serve their industrial customers with hands-free instructions and training. Iristick offer certified smart safety glasses for every industry, operator and professional. & Iristick — Partnership Press Release

Setting a new standard for digital work instructions on smart glasses, visual work instruction platform and Iristick smart glasses are now partnering to enable hands-free instructions and training on the job. Sharing a clear mission to standardize enterprise work instructions digitally, combining’s content creation platform with Iristick smart glasses unlocks new value for their industrial clients. is a leading work instructions platform for enterprise visual work instructions. With, companies quickly build an effective knowledge base of practical how-to guides that combine video or pictures with text in any language and on any device, enabling instant information collection and sharing.

With both technologies being extremely adaptable, industry agnostic and simple to use, the platform now also runs on Iristick smart glasses. This unlocks advantages such as reduced errors and accidents and faster training and onboarding, in the growing market of digital work instructions.

As experienced senior employees — with all of their knowledge and expertise — are retiring from the workforce, companies are finding it harder and harder to find skilled new employees. These new workers need to be trained fast, and the knowledge of the experienced workers needs to be captured instantly, to cross this ’knowledge gap’. This is where and Iristick come in.



 Jorim Rademaker , CEO of states: “Simplicity and ease of use are key to true digital transformation. If new technology is complex to deploy or use, then it is hard to effectuate and no one will adopt it or use it or even try it out. We developed the platform to be easy to roll out and dummy-proof so that creating digital instructions becomes childsplay.”

Digital work instructions leveraged by smart glasses offer the ideal solution for efficient knowledge transfer since step-by-step visual instructions can effortlessly be created and executed struggle-free. Ease-of-use and speed-of-use are both essential in onboarding and engaging new employees. That’s why the plug-and-play interface of Iristick smart glasses are the perfect device to facilitate the whole learning experience. This way it becomes convenient to capture expert know-how and transfer it to the new generation.

“We designed Iristick smart glasses around the connected worker of today. Smart glasses are very effective in sharing tribal knowledge in a company. Operators working completely hands free can focus on the job at hand and have access to the most accurate information, in the form of guided work instructions”, adds  Johan De Geyter , CEO of Iristick.

With the two companies being industry-agnostic, both hold the shared mission to create a better informed workforce with a significant increase in efficiency.


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