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.to reduce errors and waste for manufacturing companies

Standardized Operating Procedures (SOPs) are key to reducing waste and errors within a plant. With experienced workers retiring, capturing their know-how to create effective SOPs for newer employees is key for efficient operations.

Manufacturing companies use us to

Standardize lean manufacturing processes

Quickly standardize lean manufacturing processes. Make them accessible to all employees on any device at any plant.

Reduce worker errors and waste

Visuals and text instructions explain tasks to workers clearly, reducing errors and using materials consistently.

Continuously improve standard and automated processes

Easily update SOPs in one place, with the new way of working instantly available to all employees.

" is a solution that our employees love to use. This way we create consistent ways of working worldwide."

What Bekaert Deslee’s saw

increase in training standardization across global operations
reduction in translation expenses
error rate reduction
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