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.to optimize safety for materials companies

Standardized Operating Procedures (SOPs) are key to ensuring worker safety and quality. Working with hazardous materials, where every mistake has a large impact, easy access to up to date SOPs is essential.

Materials companies use us to

Increase workplace safety

Clear instructions accessible to all workers ensures the correct process is followed every time, boosting productivity, safety and saving lives.

Standardize crucial processes

Processes are centrally managed and standardized. Every worker in every location has access to the latest instructions.

Track quality checks across plants

Every process is traceable to ensure the same quality is being met throughout the organization.

"In the past, only 1% of workers could do complex tasks. With, 80% can, massively reducing downtime."

What Aperam saw

decrease in training time
increase in speed to create new manuals
reduction in machine downtime from 3 shifts to 1
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