Your employees all have knowledge about how to do their job, but capturing this information turns out to be hard. With our online web editor, anyone can create instructions in minutes, instead of days.

Just write texts, add video or images: done.

Get it found

People learn by seeing and doing, not by reading lengthy text heavy manuals. Our manuals put video or images first, and adds text on the side. This way, it becomes very easy to show this content in any language and on any device.

Share as QR code or URL for easy access.


Do you know what instructions your workforce needs? Now you do. Track searches, discover the most popular documents and improve where needed.

See what works and keep improving.

Take pictures

Start by taking pictures or video snippets of the different steps to take.

Add text

Add the accompanying texts,
explaining precisely what to do.

Ready to share

Share with your colleagues or third parties through easy to read URL or QR codes.

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