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Autogrill: Pioneering Travel Retail Services

Autogrill is a renowned leader in travel retail. They provide a wide array of food and beverage services in key travel locations, including airports and train stations. Known for their commitment to diversity in dining options, Autogrill serves the needs of millions of travelers globally.


Challenges: Streamlining Operations in a Fast-Paced Environment

Autogrill had several operational challenges:

1. Staff Replacement: The frequent need to replace staff, particularly due to sickness, posed a significant challenge in maintaining service standards. With very short notice Autogrill had to bring new and temporary employees up to speed quickly and efficiently. Failure to do so not only posed an operational risk, but a safety risk too.

2. Instruction Management: In a fast-paced service environment, creating and updating instructions was both difficult and time-consuming, leading to inefficiencies. Staff not finding the time to create good quality work instructions meant that others didn’t have up to date know-how to follow.

3. Quality Maintenance: Ensuring standardized procedures were being followed was crucial for maintaining their reputation for excellence. When their locations are closed, the time is used for resetting and readying for the upcoming shifts. When processes aren’t followed correctly, the location is not ready to deliver top quality at opening time.

4. Safety Assurance: Access to clear and accurate work instructions at the point of need is vital in minimizing workplace accidents and ensuring employee safety.


Joint Strategy with Autogrill

To address these issues, Autogrill took a number of positive steps:

1. Strategic Planning: In the planning phase, they identified existing and needed manuals to focus on. Then, we supported Autogrill to create a team of store ambassadors to take ownership of the creation process.

2. On-Site Training and Creation: experts visited Autogrill locations to train the selected ambassadors. These ambassadors then created the necessary manuals, sharing them others using easy-to-access QR codes.

3. Brand-Wide Standardization: Following successful trials, these standardized instructions were implemented across all Autogrill stores, ensuring consistency in operations.

What Autogrill saw

Reduction in training costs
Decrease in manual creation costs
Savings in training update costs
Reduction in translation expenses
Employee Engagement in new digital trainings
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" standardizes our way of work across stores, despite high employee turnover. This allows our employees to provide consistent quality, regardless of their experience.

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