.to train retail & hospitality employees faster


Employees understanding simple instructions quickly is key for expanding retailers. With high staff turnover, short onboarding times and a fast-paced work environment, access to scalable training materials is essential.

Retail & Hospitality companies use us to


Simplify just-in-time training

Quickly create simple manuals with video demonstrations for step-by step learning, creating a flexible and informed workforce.


Engage new workers in minutes

Onboard and train employees with engaging work instructions accessible at the point of use.


Create and share multi-lingual instructions

Instantly share and duplicate simple instructions in over 100 languages across locations, ensuring your employees are following the same processes around the world.

"Manual.to standardizes our way of work across stores, despite high employee turnover. This allows our employees to provide consistent quality, regardless of their experience."

What Autogrill saw

reduction in training costs
decrease in manual creation costs
savings in training update costs
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