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Aperam Germany: A global leader in stainless and speciality steel

Aperam Germany crafts high-performance steel solutions for industries including automotive and aerospace. Their focus on innovation and sustainability has positioned them at the forefront of advanced steel production.

Challenges: Operational Inefficiency

Aperam Germany’s operational efficiency was limited by three big challenges:

1. Machine Downtime: A key issue was the downtime of critical machinery. When specialized people were unavailable, this led to prolonged operational halts, affecting overall productivity and deadlines. The lack of accessible know-how meant that 1 hour issues could escalate into full weekend stoppages.

2. Inefficient Training: Training employees to become interoperable and reach an experienced level took several years.. This way of training employees proved to be a drain on resources – both in terms of time and finances. In the steel industry, the need for fast, consistent and updated training is critical.

3. Manual Creation Process: The process of creating and updating numerous manuals each year was inefficient and slow. This meant that it took years to capture crucial workfloor know-how. Improving the creation speed of new instructions and getting the possibility for workers to create manuals themselves would allow the organization to finally capture all knowledge on the shopfloor. As a company committed to innovation and efficiency, this outdated method of manual creation clashed with Aperam’s forward-thinking approach. Improving this process was essential for keeping up with the company’s operational needs.


Joint Strategy with Aperam Germany

Recognizing these challenges, Aperam Germany launched a complete revamp of operations and work instructions with Manual.to:

1. Tailored Business Case: Together we constructed a tailored Business case, focusing on Aperam Germany’s specific needs. This case outlined the return on their investment, and efficiency gains, offering a clear picture of the benefits of digital transformation and allowing management to prioritize the project.

2. Creating a Dedicated Taskforce: A dedicated taskforce, including a customer support manager from Manual.to, was formed. This team works closely with Aperam Germany to understand their operations, ensuring that the solutions provided were aligned with their specific needs.

3. Digital Transformation of Manuals: They focused on converting their binders full of paper instructions into digital manuals. This not only streamlined the creation and updating process but also makes the manuals findable and understandable in a few minutes, allowing them to be used at the moment of need.

What Aperam Germany saw

Decrease in training time.
Increase in speed to create new manuals.
Reduction in machine downtime
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"With health and safety instructions the processes can be complex, but with Manual.to we now have the ability to provide clearer instructions in less time

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